Josephine County – property tax allocations 2012-2013

While the average County property tax rate across Oregon is significantly higher than $2 per $1000 of a property’s assessed value, Josephine County’s permanent rate to support operations is a mere 58 cents.  The Federal funding that will be provided to the County in the current year is so small (compared to the total needs to maintain previous levels of Criminal Justice services) that it won’t drastically affect the current year budget.  Much of the federal funding will have to be carried over to next fiscal year to avoid even further cuts next year.  Going forward after this year there is still nearly a $12 million per year deficit to get back to providing Criminal Justice services at a level where programs operated in past years.

Now that the County’s budget is adopted for the new fiscal year that began July 1st, below is the breakdown of how the 58 cents is spent.  Many folks have been concerned that Public Safety departments were the departments that were most affected after the recent failure of the property tax levy vote.  As you can see, after funding required services almost all tax dollars go to Public Safety so there is little else to cut when the tax dollars are not available.


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