7 thoughts on “Josephine County Commissioners prefer a 5-year levy. What say you?”

  1. I agree with the comments that we need to grow our local businesses, and perhaps that’s a focus the group should look into. The city has often been very anti-business, and if that changes, it might help a lot.

    With that said, I doubt we’ll get more businesses to move into the area without basic infrastructure in place. We need a jail, juvenile services, and prosecution. Once we can show that criminals will be prosecuted, coupled with a friendlier business environment, we might start seeing some real changes.

  2. I have to say i am disappointed to the limited scope of options this group is looking at in order to deal with issues. Timber and mining are only short term solutions, attracting businesses to the area to create a sustainable future is the only real option. The revenue issue will go away as we get closer to full employment among the county’s residents. More people with good paying jobs means more tax revenue being brought in to support the basic infrastructure of the city and county. No one’s taxes need to be raised. There is no reason why JoCo can’t become a haven for manufacturing and green jobs. With the fairly low cost of living and plenty of open space, it should be a place that someone wanting to move or open a manufacturing facility would want to consider. Tourism is another great source of jobs and revenue. Putting time into expanding these businesses make more sense than timber and mining.

    There is the issue of bringing businesses to the area when we have a so little police and judicial capacity. No one will want to come here if they get robbed and the thieves get away with it. This is a big catch 22 for the growth of the county. If people want to bring business to the area then we have to pony up in some fashion to secure the county from the influx of criminals who are seeing this as the new Wild West. Once that’s been established then businesses can be drawn to the area and new locals ones grown.

    On the topic of the Sheriff’s office. I am all for increasing funding for the Sheriff, but not to the point where they were at before the money disappeared. The Sheriff’s office was too big and in order to justify their existence they were going after offenses that should have been left alone. The Sheriff’s office needs to be increased to handle the serious crimes but not too big where minor offenses bring 3 cruisers to deal with the situation. The judicial side of needs all of the resources needs to prosecute the crimes as well as securing the prisoners. Too many thieves have gotten away because of the lack of ability to prosecute and lack of beds in the last 18 months.

    I had hoped to come to the next meeting to voice my opinions but I have to work. Moving the meeting times to 6:30 or so on occasion would be nice for those of that work until 6.

  3. We barely support the business that exists here. Most of the communities dollars leave via Walmart, Safeway, Albertsons, Home depot, taxes, and fuel.

    Business moving here should not be our focus. Supporting the business that exists and creating new ones with the current residents is sufficient.

    I’ll give you the Fire Mountain Gems business as one model.

    I have to comment on a email sent to me from this organization. It included this video

    If manipulation, deception, and brainwashing are going to be the tools of this group. I want no part of it. I’m embarrassed for those that think this is acceptable.

  4. Great comments so far…most would agree about the jobs but after the cuts experienced to the criminal justice system in 2012 we may be at the point where business won’t move or start here due to complications of not having the proper public “infrastructure.”

    The chicken and egg argument is quite the debate and both sides have a good point but I can say I personally moved a business here 7 years ago because I wanted a nice place for me and my young family to live (as did my business partner at the time). I would not move here today under current conditions but I’m fighting for what is now my home and will be supporting the County in this effort to get minimal funding and services back. This is only a partial solution and a combination of local contributions and non-tax solutions such as creating the proper environment for jobs are both critical to our County’s success.

  5. The median home price for Josephine county is $165,000 x 90% valuation = $148,500 (assessed value). @ 1.99 = $295.00 or ($25.00) per month in added taxes. For the median assessed property.

    My understanding is that there are no added patrols or deputies at “schools” with the additional taxation. Merely more $ for Prosecution, Incarceration, and Animal shelter operations/employees.

    When considering our personal impact to these added taxes. We may want to expand our thoughts to the greater impact on Business, Farms, and higher valued properties in the County.

    Why should a farmer, who’s property is assessed at $500,000- 1 Million dollars, put their lively hood and property at risk, for no added SAFETY. NO Added patrols or service.
    Their burden is put at $1,000-$2,000 additional taxation annually.
    Not very SUSTAINABLE for a Hay, livestock or truck farmer.

    The Family Farm has enough pressure put on them. We need them.

    What does the added taxation do to local business?

    Maybe we need to be financially SECURE before we burden the citizenry even more.

    Federal, State, and local taxation is killing this county. Regulation / and PERMISSION, is causing stagnation, and depression.

    Our Safety and Security is in jeopardy due to lack of opportunity and employment. Broken families, and godlessness. NO one is safer when financial pressures are increased.

  6. i say a $1.48 per $1000 value is much more reasonable and includes more services that i feel our whole community needs. i know the $1.99 per $1000 would have only raised my family’s property tax $90 dollars for the whole year, living in Merlin (2bed, 1bath house on 1acre) with the $5 dollar per $1000 value rate it is currently. 60% of that is to the schools and other services while only 58cents of the $5 dollars is for the county services. Meaning that if a 5 year option goes forward with a start of $1.48 then the family bill will be less than $90 dollars a year more. i can handle that by saving less than $10 bucks a month before tax time. And really worth it for school deputies, jail, prosecution, juvenile jail and shelter and animal officers, smaller patrol than before the cuts but reasonable amount to afford. Great idea to reduce what your asking and making the services more meaniful to the whole community so that it can grow and sustain jobs. much better option than before.

  7. What say me? Well not sure if ya’ll want to hear it, but it probably needs to be said.
    The effective unemployment rate in this county is not conducive to tax increases.
    Our county taxes are the lowest, due to chronic poverty, and the no growth attitudes of our community. Our communities ills are caused by lack of production and hopelessness.

    U-6,9 rates are 20% maybe more, if one could get honest stats. The U-3 is over 11% (not sustainable), but most know it is only due to the way people that quit looking for what is not there “JOBS”.

    This county will continue to vote against taxation until it is thriving.
    Part of the Mission statement of SOS is SUSTAINABILITY. Start with employment, then crime will drop, like it always does. Then go on to funding the services that people desire to have, not what is sold to them, or package by fear.

    If SOS continues to focus on taxation as the answer, your numbers will dwindle and the mission will fail.

    Kit Doyle.

    I don’t have any of the accounts that you are asking for. Many others do not as well. So you may not be getting all the citizens voices.
    I’m posting this through my wife’s facebook, and she agree’s.

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