Josephine County Adult Jail Statistics • Part 1, November 2016

All parts of the Josephine County criminal justice system took a big hit with the 2012 loss of federal timber (SRS) funds that used to provide revenue to these programs. The County’s adult jail was no exception, and cutting back on the ability to take alleged criminals to jail due to budget cuts has had a massive effect on all law enforcement agencies that operate in Josephine County.

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Take a look at the following stats from the Grants Pass Police, keeping in mind they only have 28 total jail beds to use under a special contract with the jail:



We want to hear your opinion.  But to us, it’s clear that both the City and Josephine County need to invest significantly in additional adult jail operational capacity to impact safety and crime levels in Josephine County.

Our local criminal justice system does not have the budget to hold criminals accountable when they break the law. We need to invest in public safety, or this catch-and-release cycle will continue, with offenders back out on the streets to commit more crimes.

For the full SOS analysis report on this topic, CLICK HERE.