Four Stories of Crime in Josephine County

Here are four major stories of crime in our community, all from the same person.

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Story #2:  I am a licensed race car driver and a license private airplane pilot as well. I own two formula race cars, a Formula “FORD” and, a Formula “V” (formula type is an open wheel car just like an Indy 500 car) their appraised value is between $25,000 and $30,000.

It is unfortunate that my race cars were stored on a private property located in Josephine County and then stolen from there. Each one of my race cars were loaded in a custom design licensed trailers and were taken by the thief via back roads to Glendale OR, Douglas County.

The thief managed to sell my race cars on Craigslist. So I contacted the county police with all the legal paperwork on hand and a detective working on a light duty due to knee injuries took the case but, based on budget cuts the theft case was dropped.

Recently one of my race cars now appeared in Marion county. The supposedly new owner pick up my name as listed on the cockpit of the car and contacted me telling me that he got it in an auction, however it appears this is the work of an organized crime.

Therefore there is another crime against my property which translated to me in just loosing materialism although it is my property that I have acquired with legitimate efforts.

If there were police resources in our Josephine county this theft case results undoubtedly have turned with me having my cars back but, we are in crisis, thiefs are on the loose and now more than ever.


Story #3:  Late last year a customer came in to my business to tell me that my car, parked at the shopping center, got hit on the right side. The passenger doors, front and rear were smashed and the window broken in hundreds of pieces. So I reviewed my security system to find a hit and run incident. I contacted the police who saw the footage, a Chevy white pick-up pulled into the parking lot, hit the car and by realizing the accident immediately made a “U” turn and exited the parking lot in a hurry in an east direction. The hit-and-run left tremendous damage. Unfortunate and based on the angles there was no possibility to see the license plate although you were able to see a clear profile of the extended cab pick-up truck.

An estimate to the damage was under $3,000.00 with a high deductible for uninsured motorist.

Days later I saw a pick-up truck that matched the description and passed on the license plate to the police however, because there was no physical injury to a human being and due to budget cuts the case went cold.

In the meantime and as of today the damage is still there so I lost again materialism to a crime incident: “Hit and run.”


Story #4:  On the last Labor Day weekend (September 2012) my business was burglarized for the first time although shoplifters were constant and ironically from customers from all walks of life.

In this case the burglar took off with several thousands of dollars in cash money (bills) from a bank pouch that was ready to be deposited on the first business day after the long weekend.

By researching the footage of my security system I found the thief and contacted the police who arrested the burglar cited him and released back to the streets. By the way the case made the newspaper including his mug shot.

Happen to be that the burglar, “Billy” a 32 years of age was/is a pro, 14 years out of his life has been time spent in prisons, in California, Arizona and a couple in Colorado.

“Billy” started his career as a criminal at the age of 11 years old when he stole his first car in Arizona. Upon his latest release from prison he settle his criminal career here in Grants Pass and right after his arrest from burglarizing my business, cited and released went back to still some more and got arrested again.

I lost a lots of money and that, not only disrupted the cash flow of my business to pay the different vendors but, it altered my business agenda by responding to court subpoenas and hearings notices.

By the way when I ask him about what he did with the thousands of stolen money he showed me his arm with a fresh puncture from injecting the much needed heroin and replied by telling me that he has to pay some bills too!!!


Once again it’s clear that the cost of crime in our community is much greater than what it costs to operate a properly funded Criminal Justice System.  These are more examples of why so many people are volunteering with SOS to find solutions.

Do you have a story about how crime impacted you?  Visit our new crime story page here:

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