Crime Overwhelms Josephine County / Grants Pass Entrepreneur

After a career in a large private corporate firm, Salvador Corona moved to Josephine County and opened a successful retail business in Grants Pass.  Mr. Corona was the owner / operator of the Redwood Center Super Mini Mart until crime started overwhelming his business and family.

Mr. Corona had a dream of making this location a success and building the franchise into a number of stores in the region.  While he made this first location a success, crime has now stopped him from expanding.  In fact, crime has now caused him to sell the business and retire early.

The store was hit by crime twice in the last year.  In one of those hits, his ATM machine was stolen.  But nothing is worse than when crime personally hit his family.  Shortly after one of the times his store was hit, Salvador’s true love Mrs. Esperanza Morera Corona was assaulted in daylight hours by a drug addict.  She almost lost her life due to medical complications related to the assault.

Between attending to her medical needs, having to deal with the Police, having to deal with Court dates, and other immediate needs required to properly respond to these crimes, Mr. Corona had no choice but to seek a buyer for his business and “retire early.”  Mr. Corona told Securing Our Safety “I am giving up a business I built from scratch.”

It’s clear that the cost of crime in our community is much greater than what it costs to operate a properly funded Criminal Justice System.  This is just one of the many examples of why so many people are volunteering with SOS to find solutions.

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