Crime mapping in Grants Pass

A picture, or map, speaks a thousand words.  Check out the crime mapping for Grants Pass, adjust the dates to show the period you are interested in, and decide for yourself whether our community needs a properly funded criminal justice system with adequate jail and DA services:

Click Here for the GP Crime Mapping Report for 6/11/12 to 7/11/12

Trends in GP stats will tell a major story in coming months.  Due to new lack of Josephine County funding we have officers to respond in the City of GP, but practically no jail to house offenders and limited DA services.

We’re looking for your HELP and INPUT on solutions!

[note the only local agency reporting to this system is the Grants Pass Police.  A lack of symbols out in the County does not mean a lack of crime in the County]


6 thoughts on “Crime mapping in Grants Pass”

  1. Channel 10 reported an increase in County reported crimes this evening. Looks like about100 or less for June, which was an increase. 54 burglaries. That’s disturbing. I think a clear count on this site would be beneficial. Thanks for clearing up the participation aspect of the crime map. City does appear to have more money than the County though. I’d like to see more on their commitment to the Judicial funding.

  2. Is the City doing enough to fund the Jail and Judicial system? The Map has a glaring reality, in that most of the crime is in the city. Even though most of the people live in the county.
    My criticism is toward the desire to solve the problem, with a backdrop of million dollar fire trucks and multi-thousand dollar pop art bus stops.
    I’ll leave retirement and salary excesses for another time.

  3. You know if we took money from all of the people who make and pass all these bills you wouldn’t have to make a tax levy, they are making a salary of over 100,000 dollars a year, you think any of them are suffering…… NOPE. I think this is completely ubsurd, they make drastic budget cuts and use scare tastics, like cutting our sheriffs office and our jail cells, did they really need to do that, I dont belive so. It’s just funny to me that they think they need the newest cars and guns and what not, but really they dont, they could have kept there old cars that did the same thing. What is the point of all this, and then in medford they brought some person in and paid them 20,000 dollars to tell them if a tax levey was a good idea, and the person said no. Really come on now and medford pd wanted a raise for what, I could have told them that it was a bad idea for way less than that. 20,000 is half of what I make in a year, and they made that in a day.

  4. If you try the link to the crime mapping site it will give you some more information by clicking on each symbol. You can also zoom in and out on the map on their site, and trend or more detailed reports are also available.

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