Community Rallies Around Drug Abuse Program

JoCo Opioid StatsThere has been much press in recent days about the potential for a Methadone Clinic in Josephine County.  Please see the following document for the summary of the Securing Our Safety subcommittee research to date on this topic and the need for an opioid treatment program in Josephine County:

Opioid Treatment Program February 2013 Josephine County

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One thought on “Community Rallies Around Drug Abuse Program”

  1. I think the manufacturer’s of synthetic drugs and the medical community that prescribes them should pay for the abuse of prescription drugs, and the treatment of their addicts.

    Putting another burden on the tax payer is getting old. Set up the clinic at 3 Rivers Hospital, on their dime.

    Amazing, get them hooked, and then prescribe the anti-dote by the same companies that make the junk.

    What a racket.

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