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SOS Meeting Notes – July 8, 2014

Last week’s NOTES from the July 8, 2014 meeting:

Website Webmaster Gordon Edstrom

  • UPDATE-Needs to remain current-How do we achieve this? From this point forward,  on a weekly basis, Gordon will first e-mail and then call, if necessary, each Captain, for a committee update
  • Phil Killian commented that he went to our website did not locate anything there, except for some “old stuff”; it was determined that Phil possibly went to be wrong website but still, we need to remain focused that our website is a: Living Documentation of SOS
  • Our old poll was taken down—Bill West suggested a weekly poll. Gordon suggested we have a bank of weekly poll questions. We have a new poll question: “Do you know where your $.58 per assessed $100,000 goes?” Please visit the site and vote!

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SOS Meeting Notes – June 10, 2014

Good Evening SOS!

Our next meeting shall be Tuesday, June 17, 2014, at the Wild River Brew Pub located at 533 NE F Street, from 5:15 PM until 6:15.


Trust and Transparency Committee

Grant Medley

  • Grant, and several of his committee members were going to meet with the Josephine County Board of County Commissioners on June 11, 2014
  • Grant also has an upcoming meeting with the Sheriff scheduled
  • Grant said his committee is also working on an article for our website
  • That committee met after the SOS general meeting


  • We engaged in a lively discussion about reaching out to the community, which consumed the rest of our meeting time.  Here are some of the comments:
  • Levy Results released in the Daily Courier on Friday revealed the City supported the Levy, with every single precinct passing
  • We wanted to see how the precincts voted; then target all precincts, go out and meet them and find out what they want

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SOS Meeting Notes – June 3, 2014

Good Evening SOS!

Great Meeting Tuesday!

“I have been driven many times to my knees,” Lincoln said, “by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go. My own wisdom, and that of all about me, seemed insufficient for the day.”

I chose this quote from Abraham Lincoln, because I can only imagine the burden and stress he must have felt as he guided our country through the Civil War. I am amazed that the daily death counts alone did not drive him mad. While I am not the President or a leader in any sense of a title, I do stand next to you in our efforts to make this place we call home safe for our children. I can’t help but feel as if we are having our own little private “Civil War” in Josephine County. Sometimes when I pick up the newspaper and read the incessant attacks by people who care less about the overall welfare of our home and more about extending their egos, I am dismayed. Especially when the people who are trying to lead are constantly criticized by those who have no record or intent of anything positive for our common good, except to attract attention to themselves and demonstrate, at least for a moment, that they have some semblance of wit. Continue reading SOS Meeting Notes – June 3, 2014

SOS Meeting Notes – May 27, 2014

Again, great meeting Tuesday!



  • We discussed how we need community buy-in for whatever it is that we choose to do

  • We discussed that at the heart of our Mission should be commitment and that commitment should come from our community—we agreed that in our sessions with Travis Boersma over two years ago, when we were trying to come up with options after that levy attempt, Trust and Transparency was one of the major things we identified with respect to matter of importance! We agreed that we needed to have trust in our leaders and a transparent government.


  • Trust & Transparency Committee Resurrected!

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