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KAJO radio hosted two members of Securing Our Safety

KAJO’s Tuesday talk show on March 19, 2013 featured two team leaders of Securing Our Safety:  Toni Webb of the Opioid Treatment Program and Cliff Thomason who is leading the State Lottery research team.

Listen to the recording HERE for why these team projects are important to Josephine County’s future:


SOS Radio – Bill West Discusses the Importance of the Juvenile Justice Program in Josephine County

Here is a link to the latest SOS Radio interview where Bill West discusses his experience working for the Josephine County Juvenile Justice program and its importance to the kids in our community:

SOS Radio – Bill West

For more SOS Radio interviews, see our SOS Radio web page here:

SOS Radio interviews Grants Pass Public Safety Chief

SOS Radio records all the weekly SOS meetings and also broadcasts other interviews with SOS team leaders and community members that can provide valuable input on the topic of our Criminal Justice System.  Please visit our CALENDAR page for recordings of SOS meetings and the SOS RADIO page for other interviews.

SOS Radio interviews Grants Pass Public Safety Chief:

The City of Grants Pass Public Safety Chief Joe Henner discusses the impact on the City of having reduced Criminal Justice Services (use the link below):

SOS Radio interview with GP Department of Public Safety Chief Henner:  SOS Radio – GPDPS Chief Henner