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Thank You from SOS for a Great 2013!

SOS would like to thank everyone and all the businesses and organizations that helped us throughout 2013.  Collectively we have been successful in our research and education activities during 2013 in furthering the mission: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”  SOS has collected the Citizens’ voices during 2012 and throughout 2013 through a major survey, through its website, and through nearly weekly public meetings and regular public or group presentations.  These efforts have served to help educate the public and have allowed us to collect input and develop a series of solutions that will achieve our mission.  Today we continue to work on implementing solutions but we should celebrate a successful 2013.

While successful in many aspects, we have much more work to do.  Even as we speak, there are children and adults out there in our County, our World, our Home, who are being offended.  Children who are being forced to do unspeakable things without any end in sight…elderly who no longer have the mental capacities to realize the abuse upon them.  They seek the light of Justice for protection, yet ours burns faint.  Thank you for making that light burn brighter—to reach out further—dissolving more and more shadows.  Thank you for giving them hope. Every act, every cent you have given, every moment of your time you have sacrificed away from your family this past year, has not been in vain. It falls into a collective pool of HOPE which grows stronger each and every day.

We ARE making a difference!

2013 SOS Highlights include:

Numerous outreach efforts, media interviews, and public presentations:  SOS and its members appeared on KAJO, Jefferson Public Radio, The Bill Post Radio Show, and others.  We participated in many TV news interviews for local television stations.  SOS activities appeared numerous times in local and regional news articles.

Partnered with the Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance Foundation to research, develop, and defend a potential statewide constitutional measure that would bring more decision making on Lottery income to local control where local leaders know best how to allocate those funds among schools, economic development, public safety, and natural resources / parks.  Please see the effort that began by the research of SOS here  and here  SOS helped raise $30,000 in close to 6 weeks to get this balloon up in the air!  Many local organizations provided direct donations and helped fund this important project!

Events and outreach to educate the public and fund the initial needs of this lottery project included:

  • Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast
  • Major Garage Sale in the Daily Courier Lot
  • A Dinner/Poker Tournament Event
  • And who can forget the Pink Flocks?



Other outreach events during the year:

April 2013 – the Vehicle Pull up 7th Street!  OUR COMMUNITY PULLS TOGETHER!

April 2013 – “The Ball” event at Schmidt Family Vineyards

April 2013 – Walking For Justice!

Walking for Justice!

May 2013 – The Boatnik Parade!

March to May 2013:  Documented facts about the proposed three year Criminal Justice levy and made them available on the web:  Yes vs No margin on this vote increased by nearly 13% from last year!

June 2013 – The Criminal Justice Guardian Dinner & Appreciation Event

May 2013 – The Victims’ Forum – A MUST WATCH!

April to June 2013:  A Refunding Committee collected bottles & cans for recycling and to help spread the word about our safety challenges…money raised went right to the Sheriff’s office!


September 2013 – The GREAT Debate at North Valley High

September through December 2013 – Outreach & Fundraising efforts for the CJ Skate Park, and to raise awareness of the impacts of crime and the lack of safety services in the Illinois Valley areas

October 2013 – Walk For Public Safety!

December 2013 – Dinner & Poker Event, All in For Safety!

Throughout 2013 – We were at the Growers Market with a booth/tent almost every week!

Throughout 2013 – Our fundraising efforts raised well over $40,000 in total and 100% of that either has gone or will go right to education, awareness, and public safety solutions because we are entirely a volunteer organization!


Revised and launched a newer website, have you seen it?

Have you seen some of the crime stories we documented and their effects?


And last but certainly not least, the balloons are up in the air and starting to fly!

This is a “multi-pronged approach.”

Multi-Pronged Approach

The combined strategic plan is starting to come together, so stay tuned!

SOS Strategic Plan

Visit the individual committee pages on our site for regular project updates! 

We ARE making a difference and thank you for your support in 2013! 



MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

SOS Achieves Fundraising Goal and Makes News Statewide

SOS is proud to announce it has achieved its fundraising goal of $30,000 by completing the remaining fundraising needed in the last 6 weeks.  Achieving this goal is significant because it allowed SOS to firmly move forward with the research and legal work necessary to develop language for a statewide ballot initiative to bring local control of lottery dollars back to each County based more closely on how much each County pays into the lottery.

In its research efforts to date, SOS discovered that not all Counties are receiving lottery funds based on how much are paid in from each County.  And more importantly, the needs and funding priorities can vary greatly from County to County across Oregon.

SOS in partnership with Kevin Mannix and the Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance Foundation in recent weeks and months have developed language for an Oregon Constitutional amendment that would allow greater financial flexibility and more public input on how to use Lottery dollars.   Continue reading SOS Achieves Fundraising Goal and Makes News Statewide

SOS Makes Economic Development Recommendation to the JoCo Board of County Commissioners

August 1, 2013

Josephine County, Board of County Commissioners

Re:  Economic Development Efforts and the County’s Natural Resources

Dear Commissioners,

By now, you are well aware of the fiscal crisis we are facing and that SOS is working on many fronts for solutions that can assist the County in restoring its health.  We have understood since coming together and forming this organization over a year ago that it would take a series of solutions to restore the Criminal Justice programs and overall health back to the County.  This request focuses on efforts within your control that can make a long-term positive impact on the County and targets one of our greatest assets, our natural resources. Continue reading SOS Makes Economic Development Recommendation to the JoCo Board of County Commissioners

Community Rallies Around Drug Abuse Program

JoCo Opioid StatsThere has been much press in recent days about the potential for a Methadone Clinic in Josephine County.  Please see the following document for the summary of the Securing Our Safety subcommittee research to date on this topic and the need for an opioid treatment program in Josephine County:

Opioid Treatment Program February 2013 Josephine County

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