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SOS Meeting Agenda: 12-18-12

Our Meeting this week will be December 18, 2012 @ 5:15-6:15 PM at the Newman United Methodist Church located at 135 NE B Street in Grants Pass. In the place where we normally meet, not the parlor. It will be our last meeting for the year.


1) Tax District Update Grants Pass

The Grants Pass City Council voted unanimously in favor of the resolution to be included in the Law Enforcement [Criminal Justice] Service District. In deliberations, councilors cited that they had a duty to allow City residents to vote on this district if it moves forward at the County level since City residents passed the last countywide levy vote by a small margin. The also cited that the #1 duty of government is to provide for the safety of its citizens.

The Cave Junction City Council did not get a second to sustain the motion to proceed and the motion died on the table.

What does it mean?

2) Opposition and Why the BLITZ is important STILL

3) Uniting for Justice (Quin Collins) Update the event-What’s been done? Flyers! Candles? Speakers?

“And yesterday’s tragedy also makes Thursday’s gathering all the more important for us as a community to turn out in big numbers to mourn with the families and to remind our community we need to make it safer for our own kids.

This is also a good opportunity to remind our community leaders and state legislators that they need to join us as well, not just be notified about the event. SOS is hundreds strong, we should be able to do this outreach before Thursday! WHAT SAY S.O.S.?” (Mike Sanchez)

4) Fireteam Captains Update (Bill Ertel)

5) SOS Committees-Why they are so important…

•Sales Tax-Jay Meredith

•Private/Public Partnerships/Improved Efficiencies Toni Webb and Laurie Norman

•Natural Resources-Jim Frick

• Property Tax Variations-Jeff Wolf

•Trust,Transparency, Education and Public Ownership and Involvement-Holly Lidey and Bill Ertel

•State Lottery Funds -Cliff Thomason

•Justice of the Peace Court-David Corsi

•BIOMASS-Cheri Adkins

Thanks for your tenacity in saving our home!

SOS Meeting Agenda: 12-11-2012

Our Meeting this week will be on Tuesday, December 11, 2012 @ 5:15-6:15 PM@ the Newman United Methodist Church located at 135 NE B Street in Grants Pass. We will be meeting in the cozy parlor area of the main Church, like we did several weeks ago!
1) Blitz Update-Fireteam Captains Report/next Captain Meeting/Bill Ertel will be collecting presentation appearances

Kimberly Gasperson

1.City of Cave Junction Council Meeting December 10th

2. Rotary in Cave Junction December 18th

3. GP Firefighters January 2, 2012 @ 5:10 PM


1. Disabled Vets 541-660-5174

2. Rogue Valley Gems Club (Mary Bowers Club)

3. Veterans of Foreign Wars 541-479-5241

4. Middle Rogue Steelheaders

5. Local old folks resthomes! (more to follow on this)

Linda Rahberger

1.The Democrats of Josephine County

2. Friends of the Library – Grants Pass Branch

3. Daughters of the American Revolution – Rogue River Chapter

4. Grants Pass Genealogical Society

5. The Josephine County Historical Society

Steve Marshak

1. american association of university women

2. illinois valley rotary

3. josephine county of republican women

4. Korean war veterans

5. relics senior softball league

Holly Lidey

1. Newcomers

2. Catholic Church

3. GP Toastmasters

4. Towne Hall at Wolf Creek Community Center

5. Mid Rogue Independent Physicians Association

Cheri Adkins

1. IV Chamber of Commerce Janaury 23, 2012

2. IV Lions Club January 8, 2012

3. Lions Club, waiting for confirmation

4. North Valley Business Association

5. Galice Business Association

6. 9-12 group, Kerby Janaury 23, 2012

Archie Lidey

1. Knights of Columbus

2. Neuman Methodist Church

3. Grants Pass Elks and Emblem Club

4. Grants Pass Police Officer’s Association December 12, 2012

5. Dutch Brother’s HQ

Erica Johnston

1. Grants Pass Rotary


1) CAPTAIN: Jay Meredith 2)_Darin Fowler 3)_Quin Collins__4)__Bill Ertel (COMPLETE)

2) CAPTAIN: Bill West 2)__Mike Waldon___ 3)_Mary Bowers__4)_Jennifer Essick (COMPLETE)

3) CAPTAIN: Holly Lidey 2)_Liz Hirni 3)_David Smith__4)__Frank Morin_ (COMPLETE)

4) CAPTAIN: Abe Huntley 2)_Ryan Mulkins__ 3)_John McCafferty___4)__Jim Frick__(COMPLETE)

5) CAPTAIN: Pat Fahey 2)__Dave Daniel___3)__Dylan Orton_ 4)__Peter Angstadt (COMPLETE)

6) CAPTAIN: Linda Rahberger 2)__________________3)____________­­­­­_____ 4)_____________

7) CAPTAIN: Steve Marshak 2)___Greg Redfern 3)_Toni Webb 4)_Dominic Zottola_

 8) CAPTAIN: Kim Gasperson 2)_Lily Morgan__ 3)_Shane Simon_ 4) _________________

 9) CAPTAIN: Erica Johnston 2) Matt Johnston_ 3)_Melissa Snyder_ 4)_Travis Snyder_ (COMPLETE)

 10) CAPTAIN: Archie Lidey 2)_Erin Mateja 3)_Ryan Brown 4)__Cliff Thomason_ (COMPLETE)

 11) CAPTAIN: Cheri Adkins 2)__Keith Heck__ 3)_Harry Mackin 4)___Mark Gatlin_(COMPLETE)

 12) CAPTAIN: Brian Pendleton 2)_Laurie Norman__ 3)__Mike Sanchez____ 4) Janine Wilson___  

***Briefly, Toni Webb has been assisting on polishing our Power Point presentation even more! Thanks Toni!
2) GP City Council and CJ City Council Support Update for Tax District (Jeff Wolf, Connie Roach and Jay Meredith)
“We need to let everyone know that the Commissioners unanimously passed our request. It will be on the agenda for the City of GP Monday at 11:45 and City of CJ Monday at 7:00 pm. Would be great if anyone who is able, come to these meetings to show their support.”
As reported earlier, the group Tuesday night (December 4, 2012) unanimously agreed by vote to push forward with a proposal for a Taxing District concept. While the specifics for the actual proposal are still being worked on, we needed to act in order to avoid missing the deadline, thereby forfeiting any chance of any type of such proposal for the May 2013 Ballot. Again, this is a work-in-progress and at this point in time, we are simply “keeping the door open” or preserving an opportunity, which we would have otherwise missed by not taking any action. Great effort and great job by all of those who participated. As with every SOS concept, we cannot express enough how open our process is and how we continue to extend an open invitation to every and anyone in Josephine County who wants to help us resolve our problem. We also reminded ourselves that this idea is only a single prong of a multi-prong solution to achieve our goal of: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.
3) Jay Meredith, Gordon Edstrom, Toni Webb and I have been working on the website over the weekend and we are very close to having a product that I believe you will like. In the future, you will be directed to the website for Meeting Agendas, Updates, News, etc. (You will miss my 1,000+ e-mails per week…)
4) KAJO reported in error last week that SOS sent the Board of County Commissioners a proposal for the consolidation of City and County services. That is incorrect and both Jay Meredith and Pat Fahey worked hard to have that report corrected. They were referring to the Taxing District concept. No worries. These things happen…
5) Venues have been established for 2013. Thank you to Newman Methodist Church and to the Wild River Brew Pub!
6) Date for our next event: Hands around the Juvenile Justice Center (Date/Tag Line, etc.) We will not be meeting on Christmas or on New Years. It has been proposed that in a show of unity and support, that we all get together and join hands and form a large circle around the Juvenile Justice Center. While it currently stands empty, by our presence, we will demonstrate to the community, if not but for a single moment, our commitment and resolve to restore our Criminal Justice System, and demonstrate by this single act, how our children are not forgotten. Wouldn’t it be great if we had so many people that we circled the building several times? I am suggesting a date of maybe December 20, 2012 @ 5:15 PM… What Say You?
7) Website-Jay Meredith and FAQ Gatekeeper-Frank Morin (I encourage you to check out how awesome our website is now!)
8) Committee Captain’s Report
Sales Tax-Jay Meredith  
Private/Public Partnerships/Improved Efficiencies Toni Webb  and LaurieNorman    
Natural Resources-Jim Frick    
Property Tax Variations-Jeff Wolf    
Trust,Transparency, Education and Public Ownership and Involvement-Holly Lidey   Bill Ertel    
State Lottery Funds –Cliff Thomason    
Justice of the Peace Court has a new team Captain-David Corsi     
BIOMASS-Cheri Adkins
We have been doing great in keeping our meetings to an hour! Many of you are meeting multiple times a week. Thank you! Thanks for saving our home.

The Daily Courier reports on upcoming SOS Walk, “Taking Back Our Streets”

Take a stand! Gather with us on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 5:30 PM at the Josephine County Jail for the first ever “Taking Back Our Streets” Walk to raise community awareness of safety concerns in our community due to the lack of funding for the local Criminal Justice System.

We shall walk side-by-side from the Jail to the Josephine County Courthouse, where we will rally and send a clear message that our home is worth saving!  Hundreds are expected to participate!  Please join us!

If you have a subscription to the Daily Courier, see the article HERE.


Join the Facebook event here!


Visit our website and our Facebook page for continued updates, information, and calls to action.

“Taking Back Our Streets” – Community Walk on October 16, 2012

Hey You! Yeah You! You live here right? We’ve got a question for you: Are you happy about the way crime has been running rampant here in our home? NO? Then please do SOMETHING!!! Take a stand! Gather with us on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 5:30 PM at the Josephine County Jail for the first ever “Taking Back Our Streets” Walk to raise community awareness of safety concerns in our community due to the lack of funding for the local Criminal Justice System.

We shall walk side-by-side from the Jail to the Josephine County Courthouse, where we will rally and send a clear message that our home is worth saving! Please join us! We all live here. Do something!


Join the Facebook event here!


Visit our website and our Facebook page for continued updates, information, and calls to action.