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BIG NEWS and Notes from SOS Public Meeting – February 25, 2014

Here are our NOTES:

There is nothing more important right now than our upcoming “Run for the Law”AWARENESS EVENT on March 15, 2014.

We want to try and get as many people as we can to come out and support our Criminal Justice System.
It is a show of FORCE.
WE want everyone in Josephine County to know that WE who live here, refuse to allow lawlessness to become the norm in Josephine County. WE want our home to be a safe place. WE want to know that our roads are safe and not worry when our kids are driving on them outside Grants Pass City limits. WE want our children to know that if they are being abused or feel hopeless, that WE are there for them. AndWE want those who offend to know that there are consequences for their actions.

Our MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

“Run for the Law”

Bill West/Holly Lidey updated:

  • We are only 16 days away!
  • As I write, the Run Committee meets at the Juvenile Justice Center
  • I have been taunting us to get at least 1,000 participants at our Run/Walk. I have been told that I am not being realistic. As a personal favor, I am asking you to help me achieve 1,000 participants. We are at 115/1000=


  • Please register tonight at
  • Club Northwest will be putting on a promotional event called “14 Days to your first 5K!”  This will begin March 1 and go until March 14th.  They will teach you how to get prepared for your first 5K in 2 weeks.  Please sign up for that at Club Northwest if you are a member and are interested!
  • Our response to the SWAG bags has been good but we are still looking for items to put into our swag bags for the runners.  If you know of a business that may be able to donate an item: inspirational plastic bracelets, pencils, water bottles, key chains, etc.! It’s a great way to promote your business!!!
  • We are also encouraging businesses to help our event by offering to pay the registration fee for their employees. Challenge other businesses with this offer! Thus far Evergreen Federal and Southern Oregon Sanitation have stepped up!
  • LAST CALL! IF you want to purchase a run T-shirt but don’t plan to register, such as volunteers, e-mail Holly: or call her at 541-660-8186. She will need the shirt sizes and money for the shirts before March 1st! Cost of the shirts: Adults $13.50 and Kids $12.00
  • FACEBOOK! Please share this event!
  • The Kid’s Dash” will start at 8:30 AMand it will be completed before the other races which begin at 8:40 AM, so that if parents want to run, Kidzone will be letting member’s kids in free during the 10K/5K on race day and will only charge $3.50 for non-member kids!
  • Please do not forget, this is YOUR AWARENESS RUN! If you have an idea, please let Bill or Holly know!!! Come up with an idea and RUN with it!
  • WE STILL NEED A PHOTOGRAPHER! This would be a great opportunity for an Amateur photographer to set up shop, help us and yourself out. You can make this a great business venture! Please e-mail Holly Lidey
  • Join this committee, e-mail Bill:

St. Patrick’s Day Run For The Law

10k Run or 5k Walk/Run & Kid’s Dash

March 15, 2014

Go to to register

Sobering Center

Bill Landis

  • Update
  • Non-Profit Status fantastic!
  • Sponsors include ASANTE, Primary Health, All Care and the Ausland Group!

  • The Committee is reviewing with Rosemary Padgett as to whether or not they shall be able to utilize the Liquor Tax money for this venture
  • Property has been a little challenging, but the Committee is reviewing a site now that already has a skeleton/bare bones floor plan; once site selection has been completed, estimated time of completion shall be approximately 4-5 months, assuming the funding is in place
  • Annual cost will be approximately $260,000 to operate
  • This Committee is working hand-in-hand with the Moore Center in Medford
  • Join this committee—e-mail Bill @


Jail/Juvenile Justice Levy Committee UPDATE  Pat Fahey

  • Where are we? We are moving along!
  • CSOS (Citizens for Securing Our Safety) had levy campaign Committee Sign-Up Sheets available:
  1. Communications Committee

    (Prepares Press Releases, plans Media Events, uses earned Media, campaign website, social media to promote campaign activities)

  2. Fundraising Committee

    (Solicits contributions from individuals/businesses/groups, plans and carries out fundraising events)

  3. Phone Banking Committee

    (Organizes phone banking activities, prepares call lists/scripts, arranges times/locations)

  4. Sign Committee

    (Distributes and erects lawn signs/window signs to supporters who have requested them)

  5. IT Committee

    Maintains website and campaign volunteer database, creates and maintains spreadsheets for direct mail and other activities, prepares/provides information for other committees as needed)

  6. Campaign Literature

    (Designs and composes print materials for direct mail/handout campaign, coordinates w/printer and mail house)

  7. Precinct Walking Committee

    (Plans and organizes walk efforts, develops precinct packets, recruits walkers as needed)

  8. Letter Writing Committee

    (Organizes, assists with and coordinates writing/submission of letters to the editor focusing on major campaign talking points)

  • Doing something for our community never got any easier! E-mail and let him know what committee you want to join; you can also go to the website webpage and see who is on what committee!
  • Connie Roach is maintaining the FAQ Section on the WEBSITE for this committee
  • Apparently, the Chamber of Commerce is doing a video on each FAQ!
  • IF you have questions that you have encountered regarding the upcoming levy, please forward them to Pat Fahey ASAP. Please, don’t be shy!
  • Join this committee, e-mail Pat:


Lottery Committee

Cliff Thomason

  • On February 13, 2014, the Oregon Supreme Court announced a decision regarding the language in our Lottery language petition! SEE
  • Cliff Thomason shall be going on the road soon, seeking monies from the other counties for us to go forward on our initiative.
  • We encourage you to go to this site and read this article; also read the comments from Oregonians:
  • THIS literally Just in: Polling results of all of Oregon showed that voters favor the Lottery Local Control measure by a 3 to 1 margin!  This means if we can raise enough funds to get it on the ballot it should pass !!!  See for this project that was born out of SOS research!  This effort has now kicked into high gear and they will have the official certified ballot title next week!
  • Join this committee


New Stat Article by Frank Morin

Traffic Crash Fatalities in Josephine County shall be appearing soon on our website!


MAT-C Committee Meeting

Michelle O’Brien chaired our meeting this past Wednesday, February 26, 2014 at the Women’s Health Center. We are making great progress! SEE ATTACHED

I had a despondent heroin user meet me in the GPDPS lobby this past week. He was holding on to one of our brochures…

NEXT MEETING: Women’s Health Center Wednesday, March 5, 2014 @ 5:00 PM! See you there!


April Awareness EVENTS

  • Much work needs to be done on our April Events and will be a focus of next week’s meetings!
  • CJ Victim’s Forum—It was decided that we have a Victim’s Forum at the Wild River Brewery in CJ in April—possibly on April 10, 2014; We still need an event coordinator for this!
  • Victim’s Forum in GP?
  • JJC Vigil—we are going to have a vigil outside of the Juvenile Justice Center in GP, tentatively on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 6:30 PM; We shall be asking Terry Soeteber and Jim Goodwin to coordinate this event—We want to let the kids know, they are not forgotten!
Thanks for making these meetings, jumping in when you can, where you can and for caring. We are making a difference!
MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

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