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SOS Board comments on JoCo “Public Safety Fiscal Emergency” consideration

Here is a letter sent to the Josephine County Board of Commissioners and Sheriff today.  If you have an opinion on this topic, reach out to your Commissioners and provide your input as soon as possible as this issue is currently under consideration!


Dear JoCo Commissioners and Sheriff,

We appreciate the ability to comment on this issue, as this is probably the most important discussion you will have in 2016.

The following are comments approved from the Board of Directors of Securing Our Safety (SOS), a local non-profit that has been working hard on solving this crisis ever since it began in the summer of 2012.  Please enter this letter into the record for your deliberations on this issue and let us know if you have any questions about these recommendations.

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SOS Calls for “The Round Table of Josephine County”

Dear Josephine County Residents,
Here is a draft proposal approved by the SOS Board that was recently submitted to the Josephine County Board of County Commissioners.  We look forward to your comments!


“The Round Table” of Josephine County

As the name suggests, there is no head of the table, implying that everyone who sits at the table has equal status.

Mission:  To Accept and Review Proposals for Providing Financial Resources to the Law Enforcement and Justice Programs Operated by Josephine County.

A summary of the general idea is as follows:

A large public outreach campaign, done directly by Josephine County Commissioners asking Josephine County residents “how do we work together to solve the financial crisis that currently exists in Josephine County Law Enforcement and Justice programs?”

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The State of Josephine County’s Safety and SOS, 2015-2016

Dear Josephine County residents,

Thank you for your hard work over the last year. Looking back at 2015 we have much to celebrate and probably needless to say we also have a lot of work ahead to fulfill our mission and help JoCo get back on its feet.

Please CLICK HERE for our year end 2015 letter, assessing 2015 and discussing the outlook for projects in 2016.



MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”