All Eyes on Josephine County and Other O&C Counties

What do you think of the following article from the Oregonian?

“It’s devastated law enforcement,” said Gilbertson. “The criminals now act with impunity and a sense of entitlement.”

Gilbertson said he doesn’t have the staff to compile county crime statistics, but the city of Grants Pass says the lack of jail space has had a marked impact. In 2012, assault reports were up 28 percent, burglar calls climbed 68 percent and reports of robberies went up 14 percent.

The armed burglar near Redwood Elementary School attracted big headlines in the area, and other odd crime stories abound. Gilbertson and County Commissioner Cherryl Walker say one of the strangest was a homeowner in rural Josephine County who held a would-be burglar at gunpoint while he and his wife called 911.

No officer was available, the 911 operator said. So the couple arranged for the intruder’s mother to pick him up.

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