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Securing Our Safety is a non-profit, citizen-led organization dedicated to the mission of providing for a secure, stable, and sustainable future for Josephine County, Oregon.

Since 2012, Josephine County has had minimal funding for criminal justice operations, due to the loss of federal subsidies for former timber-producing counties and the failure to pass a local property tax levy to replace this revenue.  SOS was formed by local business owners, community leaders, parents, retirees, and other concerned citizens to explore any and all ideas that might help address the County’s long-term needs. The initial focus has been primarily focused on finding sustainable sources of funding and/or cost savings to restore criminal justice services. More broadly, SOS has explored a broad range of potential solutions to make Josephine County a safer, more stable, more sustainable community, to build the alliances across disparate community groups, and to seek to restore trust and communication between local citizens and their elected officials and other public servants.

If you would like to join SOS, have questions or concerns, or would simply like more information about our organization and the local issues we are working to address, please feel free to contact us.

We’re always looking for volunteers to help in many ways – please leave us a suggestion HERE if you are interested in joining SOS meetings or participating on any of the SOS teams.

Even as we speak, there are children and adults out there in our County, our World, our Home, who are being offended. Children who are being forced to do unspeakable things without any end in sight. Elderly who no longer have the mental capacities to realize the abuse upon them… They seek the light of Justice for protection, yet ours burns faint. Thank you for making that light burn brighter. Thank you for giving them hope. Every act, every cent you have given, every moment of your time you have sacrificed away from your family, has not been in vain. It falls into a collective pool of HOPE which grows stronger each and every day.


Special Message from the SOS Board:

SOS – Our Time Is Now!

As we’ve discussed in recent meetings, time is of the essence in finding safety solutions for Josephine County.  Our Criminal Justice System was devastated in 2012 with the lower amount of federal (timber) funding to support local services and without an extension of the much smaller federal amounts we’ve received in the last couple years we’re facing another cliff in July of 2015.  The system is in rough shape now, and is set for another cut of nearly 50% next summer unless we come together as a community and implement some funding solutions.

It takes a long time to make a major change in funding for local services and thanks our hard work for a little more than two years we’re right on the edge of successes in many ways.  Our volunteers have contributed thousands of hours of work in the many areas we’re focusing on to bring health back to JoCo.  But we need your help financially in a few ways where we’re bringing in professional help that’s not available by volunteer support of our members.

The time is now to support the troops that keep us safe at home.  Please consider an online donation at or by mail:

Securing Our Safety
PO Box 2626
Grants Pass, OR 97528

Thank you for your help in restoring safety services to our community!


MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”


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