The Final Report Is In! Josephine County Law Enforcement: Where We Stand


After over two years of raising funds and doing project work to have an independent firm perform a full assessment of our local law enforcement and justice programs along with the past and current impact of reduced funding towards these programs in Josephine County, the SOS project “Law Enforcement: Where We Stand” was completed in November of 2019.  This project assessed all aspects of how reduced funding impacted (and continues to impact!) our local law enforcement and criminal justice programs in Josephine County whether operated by the State, County, or City.

The final report can be obtained by sending an email to


“This independent study of the reduction of law enforcement funding in Josephine County is a real eye opener, even for those like me that have followed this challenge closely over the years. I think every resident of Josephine County should at least read the three page executive summary at the beginning of the report so that we’re all aware of the facts and to help us all work together to overcome these challenges in the near future.” – Jay Meredith, SOS Board Chair


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