SOS Meeting Notes – July 14, 2015

Meeting Notes: July 14, 2015

Crime Update Since May 17, 2015, ironically, the night of the Levy failure, there have been 8 homicides in our County (#8—the person who was shot Tuesday night July 14th trying to enter a young family’s residence).  In a County of a population of only 83,000, this is another sign that a lack of funding in local law enforcement programs is having very real negative consequences.  If we don’t solve crime problems while they are small, the problems will grow into much larger problems.  We are unfortunately starting to see very serious impacts of cutbacks in the criminal justice system.

Sobering Center – Bill Landis

After nearly three years of work by this separate non-profit organization that began around the time SOS began, the Sobering Center is going to be a reality!  In the last legislative session, a law was passed that would limit liability for Sobering Centers, recognizes Sobering Centers as individual entities separate from “treatment centers” (they are not really treatment centers but they try to direct people to treatment), and passed a budget allocation of $6 million in the next biennium to support the development and operation of Sobering Centers around the state.  The Grants Pass Sobering Center was given $500,000 of this allocation and is now on the fast track to be built and operational by as early as January 2016!  The Center will serve all of Josephine County and will be a public-private partnership with law enforcement.

This is a huge win for Josephine County as this is a way to hold people that are a danger to themselves or others due to intoxication or heavy drug use and is a significantly less expensive option that using the hospital and adult jail.  There will be 14 beds in the GP Sobering Center and people can be held for up to 24 hours to sober up.  Other sobering centers suggest that 60% of those that use the center are first time uses and these centers are very effective in changing behavior and helping to curb DUI, public intoxication, etc.

Presentation by the Lottery Local Control Committee 

Josephine County would likely receive over $5 million per year from this initiative (WITHOUT RAISING TAXES!) and it could be used for our County’s greatest needs…we just need to get enough signatures to place it on the ballot but WE NEED YOUR HELP both in gathering signatures and finding financial donations to assist with the signature gathering campaign!   Continue reading SOS Meeting Notes – July 14, 2015