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Does the Sheriff Really Have to Stand Alone?

Does the Sheriff Really Have to Stand Alone?

by Frank Morin


With yet another levy on the upcoming ballot in May, questions and opinions are again swirling around Grants Pass and Josephine County about public safety.  Supporters of the levy point to a wave of crime that has swept the county, including recent murders and a sharp spike in home invasions, thefts and burglaries as ample evidence that we need a functioning public safety department.  Opponents of the levy voice distrust of the county government, opposition to any new taxes, or confidence in their ability to protect their own property with their personal arsenal of guns.


Funding public safety is a major concern for the county, one we’ve struggled to find the right solution to.  There’s lots of sometimes-wild claims thrown around as fact, lots of anecdotal evidence, and many people who stubbornly cling to a position without bothering to learn the truth.

So I decided to go to the source of on-the-ground information.  Sheriff Dave Daniel, the man we recently elected to take the reins of a mostly-shuttered Sheriff’s department.  Who better than the sheriff to answer questions about the reality of the situation in the county?

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