SOS Meeting Notes – July 22, 2014

Here are our notes from Tuesday’s Meeting (July 22, 2014):


SOS General Brochure (Linda Scott/Phil Killian) was revealed!

Overall, well received! We will be sending out an edited version for your approval this weekend.

Here are some of the comments received of the current version:

    • Really great…the group is doing a lot.
    •  Phil Killian: It’s great…I especially like the captains’ names and e-mails being included.
    • Too wordy
      1. Connie Roach: Could take the text & make it bullet points
      2. Jack Swift: The more white space you have, the easier it is to read
      3. Bill West: agreed
    • Under Hard Rock Mining, “captain” is misspelled.
    • Put the website URL in blue
    • Last page…Order of needs should be re-organized to indicate importance, as indicated by focus groups…
    • We will reach out via e-mail to the entire group for their input
    • Comment: people’s opinions about the order of importance depends on where they live, city or county…

We discussed the possibility of, through our outreach; we have a separate one-page handout that asks people to rate the importance of issues we present—What SAY YOU?

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SOS Meeting Notes – July 15, 2014

Our next meeting shall be: Tuesday, July 22, 2014 from 5:15pm to 6:15pm at the Wild River Brew Pub located at 533 NE F Street, Grants Pass.

Notes from Last Meeting (Tuesday 7-15-14):

Website Webmaster Gordon Edstrom has begun his weekly maintenance of all of our committee SOS website webpages. If you are a Committee Captain, Gordon shall be contacting you on weekly basis to ensure that our website reflects our ACTIVE efforts, serving as a living document of SOS. We realize how busy everyone is and appreciate your tenacity as we help make Josephine County a safer place to live.

Trust and Transparency Grant Medley

  • Grant indicated that members of his committee were all engaged in research
  • The simple question of, “Where does my .58 per assessed $1,000 property tax money go?” is being researched by Dr. Steve Marshak, who met last week with the County Finance Department and who is currently authoring a simplified report addressing said question
  • Join this committee @

Lottery Committee Cliff Thomason

  • UPDATE-Cliff got word that our signatures were counted and we fell short 35. He said not to worry, as Cheri Adkins and Mark Gatlin were going to Coos Bay this weekend and would collect them there. Cliff said that we should have 100 new signatures by this coming Monday, which should satisfy the signature requirements.
  • What’s the next step? The next step is to again wait for the ballot title, which has already been written and approved, to be approved again for the 2016 election. Cliff anticipates 30 days from Monday—so, he estimated, August 20, 2014 or so, all should be approved and the next big step, campaign funding and signatures, shall begin.
  • This is going to happen in the 2016 ELECTION!


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SOS Meeting Notes – July 8, 2014

Last week’s NOTES from the July 8, 2014 meeting:

Website Webmaster Gordon Edstrom

  • UPDATE-Needs to remain current-How do we achieve this? From this point forward,  on a weekly basis, Gordon will first e-mail and then call, if necessary, each Captain, for a committee update
  • Phil Killian commented that he went to our website did not locate anything there, except for some “old stuff”; it was determined that Phil possibly went to be wrong website but still, we need to remain focused that our website is a: Living Documentation of SOS
  • Our old poll was taken down—Bill West suggested a weekly poll. Gordon suggested we have a bank of weekly poll questions. We have a new poll question: “Do you know where your $.58 per assessed $100,000 goes?” Please visit the site and vote!

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SOS Meeting Notes – July 1, 2014

July 1, 2014  Wild River Brew Pub

On June 25, 2014, SOS Chairman Jay Meredith received news that SOS has been officially recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization!  Jay noted it took 15 months to achieve this status because a method for expediting our application was not available until recently.  We are now “officially” a non-profit and due to the time it takes to achieve this status, as planned all past and future donations to SOS are tax deductible.

SOS can now apply for a much wider range of grants.  Jay would like one or two SOS members to search out grant opportunities instead of having to rely mostly on fundraisers to earn money.

Trust and Transparency
Shane Simon reported that their group has a fire underneath them…lots of e-mails going around the committee…lots of numbers to work through…seeking to make a simple presentation that all can understand. Jay suggested also bringing out examples showing how our County’s safety situation is actually impacting people in addition to the nuts and bolts of our County’s budget / revenue challenges.

Shane: Main goal is trying to figure out the county budget. If the average person knew what’s happening in the criminal justice system and the youth justice system, there wouldn’t be a problem getting people to support funding…stories about what’s happening to kids and others would help put a face on the problem.

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