Is the Juvenile Justice Center Really Worth it?

juvy1In the May ballot initiative 17-59, if approved, would restore funding for the jail and juvenile justice center in Grants Pass (owned and operated by Josephine County) and free up funds currently used for the jail to be re-directed to providing sheriff’s deputies again in the county. Maintaining a fully functional criminal justice system is a priority for any community, but the details can prove complex and there are many aspects to consider. Much of the argument for or against the levy focuses on the jail and how much money would then be allocated to sheriff’s deputies, but often the juvenile justice piece is lost in the shuffle. That begs the question, is it worth allocating some of those funds raised by the levy for the youth justice in our county?

(Total levy would cost a household an additional $119 for every $100,000 value of their home)

First, what do the County and City currently have in place for troubled or at-risk youth?

Answer: Just about nothing since the County center was shut down 2 years ago.

So not only are there extremely limited options for dealing with dangerous youth who need detention, but there is nowhere to send abused children or other at-risk kids that need temporary shelter.

How much of a need is there?

The short answer: A lot.

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Agenda for SOS Public Meeting – Tuesday May 13, 2014

Good Evening SOS!

Our meeting this week shall be tomorrow, Tuesday, May 13, 2014 from 5:15 PM until 6:15 PM at the Newman United Methodist Church, located at 132 NE “B” Street, Grants Pass, Oregon.


Hard Rock Mining Committee – Michael Cope/Jay Meredith

Southern Oregon Minerals Summit

  • How did it GO?
  • When will the video be made available? Is there a link?

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SOS Meeting Notes – May 6, 2014

Here are the meeting Notes from Tuesday, May 6, 2014:

MAT-C (Medically Asssisted Treatment Center)

This Committee recently met at the Women’s Health Center. The group’s focus is continued efforts to raise public awareness to our opiate addiction problem. We are working on a Power Point Presentation, a video and will share those with our current informational brochures. Our GOAL is to get a MAT-C here in Josephine County in the very near future. Stay TUNED!


SOS Hard Rock Mining – Michael Cope 

This is a big week for the Hard Rock Mining Committee!  

  • See the Daily Courier’s article on May 4th titled “Rock for a Hard Place”

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