Notes from the November 26, 2013, SOS Public Meeting

Our meeting Tuesday, November 26, 2013, at the Newman United Methodist Church in Grants Pass was again, a success. Thank you to everyone who attended.

Mike Schneider led us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Mark Seligman’s house burnt down in Selma and Mark Gatlin led us in a prayer for Mark and his girlfriend, who got burned pretty badly. She’s being treated up in Portland.


·     T-Shirts at the Book Lore Gordon Edstrom

We shall keep an inventory of SOS T-Shirts and Sweatshirts at the Book Lore, located at 122 SE H Street, Grants Pass, OR (541) 471-4945; this is a non-profit community book store who, in conjunction with Aspire, do phenomenal work; Gordon will be posting a T-Shirt emblem on our website, where you can click on it for more information regarding SOS gear; also, thank you Peter Tamashiro from Platinum Financial for your generous donation for our current inventory; T-Shirts are $10 for sizes XS-L; Sizes XL-XXL are $12; Sweatshirts are $25; they are produced for us by Gotcha Covered

·     SOS Strategic Plan Penny Mueller

We discussed the need for each of our Committees to have a Strategic Plan and we agreed that they all should have one!

As a cog in the wheel of our “Wheel of Fortune” or a candle on our   “Menorah”, each committee must have a solid plan for us to link everything together in our common Mission:“A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

As such, each Committee will list on their website webpage: Continue reading Notes from the November 26, 2013, SOS Public Meeting