SOS is doing presentations and asking for public input

Securing Our Safety members are doing presentations to a wide variety of community groups that want to hear about our Criminal Justice program funding challenges and provide input on how to solve the problems.

A video from one presentation last month when SOS visited the City of Grants Pass Council can be found HERE.

Would you like to schedule a presentation with your organization?  Send an email to to set up a discussion with SOS.

SOS also asks all Josephine County residents to visit our website at and fill out the online survey about Criminal Justice level of services and funding options.

Will a local funding contribution be necessary to restore Criminal Justice Services?

Here is an interesting news report about ongoing talks at the State and Federal level regarding funding problems for timber counties like Josephine County.

Wyden raises sensitive topic of taxes as county payments talks begin:

If local contributions become necessary in part, which solution or solutions best meet our needs?  Take the SOS survey at to voice your opinion.  And be on the lookout for similar survey notifications in this month’s City of Grants Pass utility bill and this month’s County property tax statement!

The Daily Courier reports on upcoming SOS Walk, “Taking Back Our Streets”

Take a stand! Gather with us on Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 5:30 PM at the Josephine County Jail for the first ever “Taking Back Our Streets” Walk to raise community awareness of safety concerns in our community due to the lack of funding for the local Criminal Justice System.

We shall walk side-by-side from the Jail to the Josephine County Courthouse, where we will rally and send a clear message that our home is worth saving!  Hundreds are expected to participate!  Please join us!

If you have a subscription to the Daily Courier, see the article HERE.


Join the Facebook event here!


Visit our website and our Facebook page for continued updates, information, and calls to action.